Charlotte Sartre Pays a Debt

Gotta love a sexy but clueless little goth girl. Her lesbian girlfriend sent her to the classroom after school, knowing full well their drug dealer was there waiting to collect on a massive debt. Looks like Charlotte is going to have to pay a harsh price. He forces her at knifepoint to show her cute little pierced nipples, then shoves drugs down her throat to make her more compliant. Then it’s time for this little lesbian to learn about sucking cock. Between the knife and the drugs she learns fast and worships his cock with the desperation befitting a junky. Unsatisfied, her dealer strips her more, exposing her truly amazing ass, which he spanks with the flat of his knife and then his bare hand. He gropes her thoroughly, then bends her over and shoves his cock where no cock has gone before. Raping lesbian pussy is a special treat for any drug dealer and one of the best parts of his job. He uses her hard, flipping her over and eventually cumming all over her flat stomach. Charlotte thinks her debt is paid, but her dealer wants to send a clearer message to her girlfriend. He wraps a thin black cord around her neck and savagely strangles her while his cum is still cooling on her belly. He leaves her dead body on the desk, naked, raped, and covered with cum. Now that’s what we call an After School Special!

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Charlotte Sartre