Cupcake and Star Forced to Cum

Lovely little Cupcake and Sexy Star are sitting in their satin slips, making out on a sofa. Star’s husband is out of town and she wants a little downlow lesbian fun. Too bad her husband hired a ruthless mercenary to catch her fooling around. The girls gasp in terror when you appear, pointing your gun in their faces. You are recording it all, but want to make sure your client gets a good show, so you force them to kiss, then make each in turn rip the satin nightie right off the other’s body. Then you force them to slap each other’s face and fondle each other’s naked breasts. Finally you throw a pair of Hitachis at them and watch as they whimper in terror and make each other cum while your gun tracks their every movement. Show’s over girls, now who is going to die first? Hmm?

Cupcake and Star 01


Cupcake and Star 02