Cupcake Sinclair in “Housekeeping!”

Presenting the Internet Porn debut footage of our very own Cupcake Sinclair! She starts her performance off with a bang, that’s for sure…

Tim is waiting in his hotel room when there is a soft tap at the door “Housekeeping!” He invites her in then steps back out of sight. A lovely little thing enters and begins straightening up the room. Tim creeps up behind her and soaks a rag in sinister red chemical, then attacks from behind…

The poor startled maid squeals and tries to struggle but the rag goes over her face and she slowly, slowly succumbs to its power, collapsing limp onto the bed. Tim takes his time stripping and fondling his prey, then binds her wrists and ankles. She begins to moan and come around just as the duct-tape is slapped over her pretty little mouth. Her eyes go wide but she sees a switchblade snap open and holds still. Her captor licks and scrapes his teeth across her breasts as she moans and whimpers in helpless terror. Then he gets in her face holding the knife in plain view. He rips the tape away and forces her to beg to suck his cock, then shoves it cruelly into her mouth. Poor Cupcake slurps obediently on his shaft like her life depends on it! Finally her tormentor tires of the foreplay and flips her over and while Cupcake screams he drives his spit-slick cock into her from behind. She cries and wails but cannot escape as he fucks her harder and harder, eventually flipping her over and shooting his load into her captive womb. Don’t worry she won’t be pregnant for very long… he wraps his hands around her throat and strangles the life out of her then leaves her half-naked and tied up, oozing cum from her lifeless body. Oh well, another Housekeeping staff will be by to clean all the mess up eventually!

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Cupcake Housekeeping