Dee Williams ANALysis!

Dee Williams ANALysis

Total running time 1:17:57 price $78.00

I FINALLY got to work with Dee in this Custom Video: The short version is she’s my therapist, and I’m in prison for being, well, me. Dr. Williams is a tad too curious about my BDSM lifestyle, and well, one thing leads to another. The “one thing” is her putting a butt plug up her ass, a ballgag in her mouth and masturbating while looking at my prison mugshot. The “other” is me stripping her, tying her up, and having a full-on domination session including rough blowjobs, whips, vibrators, anal and vaginal, and multiple cumshots. This is an incredibly wild scene with over an hour of footage. Eat right and do your stretches before you watch!