Diana Grace in Stolen Files!

Diana Grace in Stolen Files

Running time 12:52 Price $13.00

Sexy Diana Grace sits at her desk, editing sensitive files on her laptop. Tim sneaks up behind her with a chloroform-soaked rag. He lunges, and Diana squeaks in alarm, struggling weakly as he drugs her. Diana’s eyes roll back in her head and she passes out. Tim wraps duct tape around her wrists and ankles, then gags her as well. Diana slowly comes awake to see Tim stealing all her files. She MMMPHS in anger but can’t stop him. While they’re transferring, Tim pulls Diana’s top down to grope at her perky breasts, then tosses her onto the bed for some real fun. He yanks her skirt up, her panties down, and rapes her hard from behind. Poor Diana can only moan into her gag as his cock slams in and out of her tight pussy. Finally he cums inside her. Diana can only lay there, gasping for breath through her gag as he steals her laptop and leaves.

NOTE: this clip not available on C4S because chloroform and knockout and rape. You can find it on NicheClips.com or email me for private sale. -Tim