Janira Wolfe Stabbed

Pretty little Janira is bragging on the phone to her friend about how well her divorce turned out for her. Turns out she shouldn’t have spoken so soon. Her crazy ex hires a Villain to abduct her. As soon as she hangs up he shoves a chloroformed rag on her face. Janira tries to scream and struggle but soon her eyes roll back as the drug takes effect. The Villain binds her wrists and ankles, then duct-tapes her mouth. He snaps a few photos for his client, takes out a knife and shreds her satin nightgown to ribbons, pausing to grope and fondle her amazing body before slapping her face to wake her up. Janira whimpers and cries as he threatens her, but she is powerless to stop him. He takes some more photos of poor Janira’s compromised position, then raises the knife high. Janira lets out a bloodcurdling shriek as the blade plunges into her exposed stomach. Her scream turns to a pathetic gurgle as he twists, watching the life fade from her beautiful eyes forever…

As a bonus, for a mere one dollar, you can have the photos I took with my phone during the video!

17 PHOTOS (direct from my phone)! – $1.00