Karen Fisher in “New Uniform”

Karen Fisher New Uniform

Running time 31:19 Price $32.00

From a Custom Video: Karen has no idea why her boss would show up at her home and ask her to try on the new official work uniform, but he’s her boss so… She goes to the bathroom, strips down and puts on the tiny skirt and top. He asks her to model it for him, even convinces her to jump up and down to ensure it won’t fall off her huge breasts. Karen gets more and more uncomfortable, but by the time she tells him to leave it’s too late and he’s on her. He pushes her back onto the sofa and rapes her mouth, then titfucks her while she moans helplessly beneath him. Unsatisfied, her boss lays her on her back and rapes her on her own sofa. Karen protests and cries but to no avail. He pulls her onto his lap and makes her ride him, then puts her on all fours so he can rape her doggystyle. Finaly he cums inside her, pulling out to let the cum drip from her violated pussy. When he laughs and leaves her there, Karen curls up in a ball and cries.