Kat Dior Double Crossed

I saved up my Villainous profits just so I could work with this girl. This is NOT a custom video, this is purely a PRO VILLAIN PRODUCTION!

In this little story Kat Dior plays a trophy wife who’s had enough of her rich husband. She contracts a specialist to make him disappear. She figures a little flirting and a big payment and he’ll do whatever she wants. Unfortunately for Kat, her husband got to this Villain first and gave him a better assignment. A quick jab in the neck with a stun gun and she’s out like a light. The Villain takes his time stripping her and tying her up, taking plenty of photos for her husband as he works. Then once she’s securely bound and gagged he pulls her to her knees. Kat begins to awaken just as the Villain is shoving his spit-slick cock into her pussy. She groans into her gag but can’t stop him as he takes full advantage of the situation, eventually cumming deep inside her belly. Then it’s another shock from the stun gun to get her ready for transport so she can start her new life as a sex slave to the highest bidder. The good news? She’s totally free of her husband! Be careful what you wish for…

As a bonus I’ve thrown in a mini-set of the actual photos I took on my cell while this was all going on. They’re only a nickel a piece if you want them.

24 PHOTOS! – $1.20


Kat Dior Double Crossed