Kendall Earns Her Inheritance

From a Custom Video: Sassy little heiress Kendall thinks she’s got it made. She gets all her daddy’s millions and never has to deal with pervy old attorney Tim again. Tim reminds her of a little clause in the will though… she must still be a virgin when she turns 21 or she loses all the money! We both KNOW she’s no virgin, but Tim is willing to bend the rules, if she will bend over for him! Kendall is disgusted, she hates him, but what choice does she have?

Over the next two days till her birthday, Tim strips her, rips her clothing, subjects her to forced orgasms from his fingers, lips, tongue, and cock. He makes her his sex toy, forcing her to strip for him, please him with her mouth, her tits, her pussy, he pretty much uses her every way he can and totally humiliates her. Are you sure all those millions are worth THIS, Kendall???

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