Kiki D’Aire Humiliated

From a Custom Video – Part 1 of 9: Kiki is done with her business meetings and ready to relax in her hotel room. She strips out of her work clothes and into comfy shorts and top, her stockings still on, when suddenly the door bursts open. A man dressed in black, wearing dark glasses brandishes a gun in her face. He says he’s the police and that she is being arrested. Kiki, terrified, protests her innocence but the man zip ties her wrists. Kiki screams it’s too tight, but he slaps her face and starts to grope and fondle her, warning her that in this country she has no rights and will do as he says. He stuffs the gun in her mouth and without even letting her get dressed, marches her away to a jail cell to await interrogation…

Part 2 of 9: Kiki is waiting in a holding cell, staring around wildly in a panic. Her makeup is ruined from her terrified tears, her stockings are shredded, her shorts down around her thighs, bound hand and foot, with another rope like a leash around her neck. There is a ring gag holding her mouth open, and a clothespin on her tongue. The Police Chief finally enters to ‘interrogate’ her. Poor Kiki stares in horror as he burns her passport and slaps her over and over, forcing her to confess that she’s a whore. Then he explains her sentence: to be trained and sold as a cum-dumpster for the highest bidder. Let the training begin! (forced stripping, nipple clamps, pussy clamps, humiliation)

Part 3 of 9: Kiki’s training has begun. She kneels, naked, nipple and pussy clamps pinching her delicate skin, mouth open and tongue out until her new Master enters. He decides it’s time to see if she’s any good at sucking cock. He hands her a dildo and orders her to fuck herself with it while she worships her new Master’s cock. Kiki moans and miserably obeys, on her knees. When he finally cums he makes her swallow every drop, then binds her arms to the jail cell bars, adding a nose shackle and electric wires. She must stand there all night, getting electric shocks to keep her awake.

Part 4 of 9: In the morning Kiki’s ‘training’ continues. Her Master returns, untying her from the bars. He wants to see if Kiki can serve well as a pet. He makes her wear a silver bunny bikini and ears, then orders her to fix her ruined makeup. Next she must prance around the cage, knees high, while he whips her. With every blow of the cruel whip she must repeat “I am a cum-dumpster” over and over. Then he makes her jump up on all fours on a table and bark like a dog as the whipping continues. Kiki obeys, wide eyed, humiliated, degraded, but what choice does she have?

Part 5 of 9: Kiki has been led to a new cell and bound in a semi strappado, arms raised behind her. A Jennings Gag holds her mouth open. A steel hook up her ass forces her onto her toes, and electrical wires are taped to her nipples. Her Master writes “Cum Dumpster” on her chest in bright red whore lipstick then begins whipping and shocking her to see how much agony she can take. Kiki screams and spasms as the whip and the wires force her to dance, forced to call herself humiliating names and gradually losing all sense of her own humanity…

Part 6 of 9: Hours have passed and Kiki is hanging by her elbows, limp, passed out. There is a puddle between her feet and when her Master returns and sees it he is outraged. He unties her and forces her to her knees to lick it all up. Then he ties her up again, in a semi-suspension, hanging by her ankles with only the back of her neck touching the table. He shoves a dildo in her mouth and starts to whip her breasts and belly with a fury while she desperately apologizes over and over…

Part 7 of 9: Kiki’s humiliation and degradation continues: Now she is wearing a shiny purple stripper bikini and pink/purple wig. Her Master brandishes a tazer, shocking her tits, and forces her to dance for him. She hurriedly obeys, trying not to sob as she shakes her hips and breasts. He drags her closer to grind against his lap, then shoves her to her knees and commands her to suck his cock. Kiki has lost all will to resist and gives a desperate blowjob with all the skills she has (which I can tell you is a LOT of skill!)

Part 8 of 9: Unsatisfied with Kiki’s oral performance, her Master drags her to a table and ties her down. It’s time to fuck his personal cum-dumpster. She lies helpless on her back. Wrists and ankles tied, and takes every inch of her Master’s cock. He fucks her mercilessly until he finally shoots his load all over her stomach. Then he makes her crawl to him on hands and knees to receive one more humiliating gift from his cock, right on her face.

Part 9 of 9: It’s time to sell off Kiki the Cum-Dumpster. To show her value Master has her bound to a table, hand and foot, sucking on a special hollow dildo. Master explains to the camera that he has saved up several loads of cold stale cum which the Dumpster will now eagerly swallow. He squeezes the bottle and the fluid shoots right into Kiki’s mouth. She drinks as much as she can, the rest dribbles down her chin to her breasts as she looks miserably into the camera and wonders what cruel man will purchase her and how much more horrors she will have to endure…

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