Kira Noir Domme Dommed

Gorgeous Kira Noir sits all regal and powerful in her throne, prepared for another FemDom humiliation session. She doesn’t know that her fans hired a professional Villain to interrupt her show and bring us some REAL action! He holds a knife to her throat and promises the cameramen he’ll triple their pay if they keep the cameras rolling. He forces her to rip up her satin slip, then jabs a needle into her neck. Soon she’s his willing sex slave, saying and doing whatever he wants. He slaps her fine ass, then makes her worship his cock. Kira does as she’s told like a willing little slut. He then makes her beg to get fucked and bends her over. He shoves into her from behind, using her like a two-bit whore. Then he flips her over and she begs for his cum. He unloads all over her belly and then injects her again, leaving her there for her best fans to come and find. Now THAT’S how FemDomme should be done!

NOTE: this isn’t available through iwc or C4S because knives and rapes and drugs. You can buy at NicheClips . com or email me directly for private sale. –Tim