Lily Lane in Biker’s Bait

Sexy Lily Lane in her cutoff jean shorts and tank top, leather vest and boots, is bound to a chair, cleave gag between her teeth. As Tim finishes the bindings, he explains he’s holding her for ransom. The price: her boyfriend’s biker gang. He wants all their money and sworn loyalty. Unsurprisingly badass Lily refuses to cooperate so with camera rolling to show her boyfriend later, Tim strips her top off and starts to manhandle her. She is still defiant so he brings out the jumper cables, delivering shock after brutal shock to her breasts, thighs, all over her. Lily screams and cries and jerks and struggles but she can’t escape the agony. Even this won’t break her though, so Tim pulls out his cigarette lighter and holds the flame closer and closer to Lily’s bare nipple until sobbing she gives in and begs her boyfriend to give in to Tim’s demands.
Tim returns a short time later with good news: Lily’s boyfriend has agreed to pay his ransom. He promises to let her go but first he HAS to know what she is so good at that her boyfriend would sign over everything for her. He holds the lighter out again to remind her that she has no choice, then makes her suck his cock like her life depends on it. Lily sobs and moans but also delivers one messy sloppy amazing blowjob, eventually swallowing every last drop of Tim’s load. Will it be enough for him to let her go? We shall see…

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