Lydia Black Drugged and Raped

From a Custom Video: Lovely little Lydia checks into a BnB for a night to herself, or so she thinks. There’s no way she’d know about the hidden cameras with which her host watches her strip for her shower. She can’t know he’s staring at her naked body. He waits until she’s in the shower then slips into her room and drugs her tea. Lydia suspects nothing as she changes into her lingerie, fresh from the hot shower, her host watching on cam the whole time. She enjoys her nice cup of tea… and the drug takes her quickly to sleepy time. He enters her room in the dark, caressing her limp body. He slices her sexy satin lingerie to ribbons and binds her spreadeagle to the bed. He blindfolds her with her ruined nightgown then licks her pussy while she sleeps. Just as the drug is wearing off he stuffs her panties into her mouth and turns on the light. He keeps fingering her wet pussy as she moans then starts to scream through her gag. The blindfold slips away and she watches, powerless as he guides his hard cock to her defenseless pussy and starts to rape her. He forces her to cum over and over, then flips her over doggy style and keeps going. Poor Lydia is utterly degraded and humiliated as her body betrays her and she cums while being raped. Finally he pulls out and shoots a huge load all over her ass while she shudders and spasms. Then he forces another dose of the drug into her mouth and leaves her there, unconscious, naked, tied up and gagged, and covered in his cum.

NOTE: this video NOT available through C4S or iWC because drugs and too rapey. You can buy through NicheClips or hit me up directly for a copy. -Tim

Lydia Black Raped