Makayla Cox Ritual Sacrifice

Let the Ritual begin! Our Sacrifice is tied to the table, wearing only a purple satin slip. She looks around in terror, not understanding what’s to happen to her. Our Dark Priest appears and puts his hands upon her unspoiled flesh while she writhes and screams and tries in vain to get free. He slashes her satin gown to ribbons, exposing her breasts, nipples stiff and taut with fear. He reaches down and rips until her tender shaved pussy is displayed as well. Then he bends over her and licks it, profaning her flesh with his corrupted evil fingers and tongue. The Sacrifice is still resisting so he presents to her the Blade and holds it to her neck. Soon she is compliant, sobbing helplessly as he presses his hardening shaft to her lips. The Sacrifice has no choice but to lick and suck as he starts to rape her mouth at knifepoint. According to Ritual he next turns her around, still powerless at the end of the Blade, and rapes her doggystyle. The Sacrifice moans in pain and fear but he pays no heed, driving himself into her flesh and defiling her. Finally he lays her on her back, cock still deep inside the sacrificial pussy, and wraps his hands around her throat. The strangles her slowly, releasing his grip so occasionally so she can gasp for air, all the while raping her. When he finally does choke the life out of her, the Sacrifice dies in terror, her body a Gift to the Dark Forces. The Dark Priest goes right on fucking her until he shoots his seed into her dead and cooling corpse, then leaves her there on the Altar. The Ritual is complete!

NOTE: this video NOT available through C4S or iWC because you know, knives, rape and murder. You can buy through NicheClips or hit me up directly for a copy. -Tim