Paisley Parker Double Dommed

I love working (read that ‘fooling around’) with Jay Taylor. Even better I love it when she brings me a treat for us to share! Paisley Parker stands naked and bound spreadeagled to an X-Cross when Jay approaches. The sexual tension is immediate and white-hot as Jay fondles and caresses her playmate, then starts licking her sensitive vulnerable pussy.

When I step in, Paisley is already whimpering with desire. I tease her with my fanged riding crop while Jay savors her stiff firm nipples. Then it’s time for a heavy flogging right on those perky natural breasts and sexy trimmed pussy. Paisley is a serious painslut and loves every stroke. (Thanks to Jay’s awesome camera crew there are some amazing HD slow-mo shots of the whip landing on Paisley’s sexy body!) Jay decides she needs to lick that pussy some more and I have to be careful to land my whip only on Paisley’s breasts as Jay’s head nuzzles between our captive’s legs.

The pain-pleasure combo continues as I bring out a dragontongue to lash Paisley’s pussylips, then grind the wooden handle against her while she groans with growing desire. Next we spin her around and take turns spanking whipping and paddling her curvy little ass (great HD slow-mo here too!). Finally we decide Paisley’s earned her reward and I bring her to a huge forced orgasm (after she BEGS for it) with my Hitachi. The scene ends with Jay and I taking turns kissing our worn-out playtoy… who will be next?

Jay Taylor Paisley Parker