Riley Reyes in Pink Guardian Unmasked!

Riley Reyes in Pink Guardian Unmasked

Running Time 25:37 Price $26.00

From a Custom Video: Pink Guardian relaxes in her hotel room, confident her secret identity is safe. Guard down, she never notices the intruder creeping up on her until he puts a chloroform-soaked rag over her mouth and nose. Pink Guardian’s eyes go wide, she struggles, flailing her arms and legs, but eventually the drug takes her and she sinks into helpless unconsciousness. Her abductor ransacks her room and discovers her costume, so he decides to have some fun humiliating her. When Pink Guardian awakens she is bound and gagged. Her abductor enters and strips her civilian clothes way to reveal her superheroine costume. Then he removes her mask. She can do nothing to stop him as she chloroforms her again. Over and over, in less and less clothing, she is bound, gagged, humiliated and revealed. Finally he adds a vibrator, forcing her to orgasm right as he chloroforms her again.
NOTE: Obviously this masterpiece is not available on C4S because chloroform, knockouts, blah blah blah. FUCK CENSORSHIP!!! You can buy it at or email me for private sale. Thanks, -Tim