Sarah Vandella Debt Collection

From a Custom Video: Sarah Vandella stars in this masterpiece of deception and betrayal. She has no idea that her husband is in debt to a very bad man. Nor does she know that her husband has agreed to offer her up to that man as payment on that debt. A chloroform soaked rag is probably her first clue, the leather restraints and fitted corset are probably next. Her husband (just behind camera) apologizes over and over, but can’t stop the evil man from electrocuting her nipples, forcing her to cum with a vibrator, forcing her to blow him, and eventually fucking her, even cumming inside her pussy, all while her husband helplessly watches. What a great day to be the Bad Guy!

NOTE: part 1 of this production is not available on C4S or iWC because chloroform and knives. You can buy from my store, or hit me up directly for private sale.