Sarah Vandella Stalked!

Sarah Vandella Stalked

Running time 21:08 Price $21.00

This one’s NOT from a custom video. Sarah and I co-produced this one just because we wanted to! Join me in stalking her, creeping up quietly, spying as she strips off her clothes. Soon she’s in our clutches, bound and gagged, blindfolded and naked. She struggles and cries for help, but nobody’s going to save her. I taunt and tease, groping and whipping her helpless body, taking blackmail photos and threatening to post them to her social media. She begs me not to, but the only way she can convince me is by sucking my cock and letting me fuck her. Reluctantly she agrees, taking my cock in her skilled mouth and then her tight pussy. First I take her doggy, then flip her over on her back. Finally I cum, splattering her belly with my load and taking more photos.
NOTE: this clip not available on C4S because they think it’s too rapey and they don’t want to offend your sensibilities. FUCK THAT. You can get it at NicheClips or email me for private sale. -Tim
ALSO NOTE: I actually did take over 70 photos on my phone during this scene. If you email me and for I’ll send them to you for $10 bucks. -Tim