Sloan Spanked in the Garage

Running time 12:16 Price $12.00

NOT a Custom Video, I’m honored to say this was a collaboration, and SloansMoans first boy-girl spanking scene! She plays a bratty girl who didn’t do the laundry because she was too busy sexting with multiple men. Daddy comes in and gives her a rough spanking, which Sloan is so bratty she doesn’t even pretend not to enjoy. She thanks her Daddy for the lesson in the best way: with her sexy lips on his cock. She swallows his whole load, managing to look contrite for barely a moment as he leaves, before giggling to herself in satisfaction. The best brats always get what they really want!
NOTE: this clip not available on C4S because we didn’t say “step.” As always, FUCK CENSORSHIP it’s stupid. You can find the clip on NicheClips, on SloansMoans sites, or email me for private sale. Thanks, -Tim