SloansMoans in Embrace the Darkness

Running time 21:56 Price $22.00

Sister Sloan is ready to embrace the Darkness. She approaches her unholy Master to begin the ritual. He commands her to stomp on her bible, spank her own ass with her crucifix, rub her rosary on her bare pussy. Sloan obeys willingly, rejecting the Light. She holds still while her Master strips away her nun’s robes, replacing them with tight ropes. But she can’t hold still when he starts whipping her, and her hand gropes for his hardness beneath his satanic robes. Finally he bares his fangs and offers her the choice… Immortality in exchange for her soul. Sloan eagerly accepts and his fangs drive deep. Sloan then sinks to her knees to receive his unholy gift straight from his cock. She swallows every drop, sealing her fate forever.