The Perils of Darla Crane

Being a Superheroine’s not easy, just ask Darla. She awakens tied to a bench, with a CROSSBOW hanging over her head, and the trigger-rope in her teeth! Now, being a Villain, that’s easy. I get to fondle her amazing breasts and laugh maniacally…┬áIn part two of Darla’s Perils, she is tied standing to a post and menaced by a HUGE, TERRIFYING (if obviously rubber) SNAKE!!! Watch poor Darla writhe and squeal as the snake actually pulls down her top and slithers into her um… heart? ..And THEN poor Superheroine Darla is chair-tied under a precariously swinging bucket of boiling acid! Oh, and I fondle her tits some more… Come on, like you wouldn’t?!?!?!?!? What Perilous Life is complete without the old “smear her breasts in honey and leave her for the giant carnivorous (again, obviously rubber) bugs” ploy? Trust me, you HAVE to see the video on this one.

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Darla Crane Clip 01

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