Alexia Anders in Magical Audition

Running time 50:41 Price $51.00

From a Custom Video: Lovely and naïve Alexia responds to an online ad for a magician’s assistant. Tim interviews her, asks a few questions, and proceeds to the audition. He starts with subtle gropes and touches while teaching her the moves. Then he makes her strip to her underwear, you know, for the act. Next he blindfolds her, and puts a warm fleshy prop in her hands. Next he binds her wrists and ankles in metal shackles. By then it is too late for Alexia to resist. Tim presses her back onto a bed and feasts on her breasts and pussy. Then he pins her down and forces his cock into her mouth. Alexia is dazed and unresisting as he flips her over, shoves her panties in her mouth, and rapes her in multiple positions. He finishes off by pounding a massive load deep into her pussy, then chains her to the bed so he can continue her audition later.