Bella Rolland in Wonder Woman Captive

Running time 25:49 price $26.00

From yet another awesome Custom Video yet again featuring the amazing Bella Rolland as everyone’s favorite Amazon Princess: The evil Villain has captured her and is hosting a live online auction. Bidders choose whether she’s beaten with a club, mauled with a sledgehammer, whipped with a vicious flogger, or throttled for them to enjoy. Obviously, as the money rolls in she is subjected to ALL of these torments until she passes out. When she comes to, she is bound, gagged, and hooked up to a TENS unit and tortured with electric shocks as the bidding continues. The video ends with Wonder Woman pleading through her gag right into the camera, begging you for mercy but you won’t have mercy on her, will you? I didn’t think so.

NOTE: this video not available on C4S because torture, unconsciousness, general prudishness of the people who control your online purchases. You can buy at or email me for private sale. –Tim