Brooke Johnson Knocked Out and Raped

Running time 10:06 Price $10.00

Sexy Brooke thinks she’s done with work for the day. She showers in her luxurious hotel room and counts her money, unaware that she has one more visitor. She puts on a sexy satin nightie and suddenly he’s on her, chloroform soaked rag over her nose and mouth. Brooke tries to struggle but the drug is too strong and soon she passes out. Her visitor rips her nightgown away and feasts on her, licking and sucking at her exposed nipples and pussy. Then he slides his cock into her, raping her while she lies unconscious and defenseless. He pulls out, cumming all over her pussy and belly, then steals her hard earned cash and makes his escape.
NOTE: this clip obviously not available on C4S because chloroform, rape, etc. Fuck censorship. You can find it on NicheClips or email me for private sale. -Tim