Freya Parker Forced at Knifepoint

Running time 11:29 Price $12.00

Look at her so beautiful and vulnerable lying asleep in her bed. Look at the sudden terror in her eyes when she awakes with a hand over her mouth and a knife at her throat. The soft whimper she lets out when he slashes her nightie and panties away, the submissive nod as he asks if she’s going to be a good obedient girl. Soon he has his cock in her mouth, caressing her naked breast with his knife. He makes her lick his balls and deepthroat his shaft before pushing her back. Freya never has a chance to squirm away before he’s on her, raping her tender pussy while she stares at the knife overing over her vulnerable naked skin. He flips her over and takes her doggystyle, ultimately cumming inside her while she can only sob helplessly. She shuts her eyes and lies in her bed, trembling and crying and wondering when he’ll come back…

OBVIOUSLY this one isn’t available at C4S because knives, rape, blah blah blah. You can buy at or email me for private sale like usual. -Tim