Brooke Johnson Raped and Murdered

Running time 22:54 Price $23.00

This one’s got it ALL. Sexy Brooke thinks she is meeting her lover behind her rich husband’s back. She strips out of her blouse and skirt and puts on a sexy dress, but Tim was hired by her husband and is here to serve justice on her cheating ass. He grabs her, one hand over her mouth, the other buries a needle in her throat. Brooke tries to struggle but the drug paralyzes her and Tim easily drops her limp body on the bed. He strips her, taking photos for his employer, ties her wrists and ankles, and cleave-gags her. When Brooke comes to he holds a knife to her throat. She whimpers and cries while he tells her how he murdered her lover. Then he fucks her mouth at knifepoint and makes her beg to be fucked while he records her. Next he rapes her from behind. Brooke panics when Tim starts to cum inside her, but there’s no need to worry about pregnancy. Moments after he’s finished he wraps a cord around her neck and slowly strangles the life out of her.
NOTE: this clip obviously not available on C4S because drugs, knockout, knives, rape, murder… You get the idea. You can find it on NicheClips or email me for private sale. -Tim
ALSO NOTE: I took 26 photos on my phone during the shoot, and one video of Brooke whimpering “Please sir, fuck me like the whore that I am.” For just $5 bucks more you can have those too.