Pristine Edge Did It Again

Running Time: 8:31 Price $9.00

Oooooh Pristine Edge is in trouble. She did it again, and she knows she was not supposed to. She crawls meekly to Tim, sculpted legs on display as she climbs to his lap. Tim has to spank her. After all, she did it again. First he spanks her over her skirt, then he raises it to spank her over her panties. Eventually, just to be sure the lesson sinks in, he pulls her panties down and spanks her bare ass. Pristine swears she will not do it again, but we all know she will. Tim fingers her, making her climax as she kneels there. Then she is allowed to sit, and he fingers her to another orgasm. Do we think Pristine learned her lesson, or will she do it again? We can only hopeā€¦