Caroline Pierce, Vampire’s Prey!

Drawn by a mysterious call, Caroline Pierce is confronted by a frightful intruder. She doesn’t want to invite him in, but with a wave of his hand her will escapes her and she invites him across the threshold. The Vampire admires his prize as she stands helpless before him. He lifts her pure white gown away to reveal her sensuous curves, then presses her down to the chaise lounge. She trembles with fear but can’t stop him and he bares his fangs, driving them deep into her breast, then her hip. She moans with horrified pleasure as he drinks from her.

Caroline becomes his willing sacrifice and proves her devotion to her new Master, wrapping her lips around his cock and pleasuring him. Then he offers her a choice: Swallow his gift and live forever, or deny him and die tonight! What will happen to poor Caroline? It is up to YOU to decide!

Caroline Pierce Vampire's Prey 1

Caroline Pierce Vampire's Prey 2

Caroline Pierce Vampire's Prey 3