Alison Tyler Spread-Eagled

From a Custom Video – Part 1: Alison Tyler is dressed inappropriately for the family reunion (yeah I know, nobody’s complaining but hey, customer’s always right.) Uncle Tim has to take her upstairs and restrain her to keep her from ruining the party. Alison mouths off and complains, but Tim wrestles her out of her clothes and ties her down naked and spread-eagled to the bed. Alison writhes and twists but can’t get free of her bonds. Tim comes back to check on her, taunting her while she struggles. He pours some water down her throat and leaves her there again to think about her behavior…

Part 2: Alison is still defying Tim and refuses to change her attitude. Tim ties her down again in the hot attic, this time in a 6-point medical position including collar restraints. Watch the sweat shine on her naked body as she lies there helpless and outraged. Tim finally comes back to check on her but she’s still being a brat, so to punish her he pours a bottle of baby oil onto her naked pussy while she squirms. Tim stands there mocking her as she wiggles her slick body on the bed but there’s nothing she can do…

Part 3: Alison is tied up in the attic, naked, covered in baby oil, and defiantly scowling at Uncle Tim. He has tried to be reasonable but she still makes a fuss, so he pulls out a rag and a bottle of chloroform to help her ‘take a nap.’ She moans and squirms and tries to get away but he holds her head still and places the rag over her face until she stops moving. Then he leaves her there unconscious and helpless until she awakens, groggy and confused. Alison moans and writhes until Tim returns and knocks her out again. There she lies, drugged and sleeping, naked and vulnerable, nothing to stop you from doing whatever you want to her…


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  1. Sorry, no this was from a Custom Video and the buyer did not pay us for blowjobs or sex. I sure hope to get to fuck her next time! Alison’s a total hottie and a very sweet girl. I bet we could do some awesome bondage sex together.


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