Ella Knox Spread Eagle

Lovely all natural Ella Knox primps before a mirror, not suspecting an intruder is about to assault her. He holds a cloth to her face and after a few seconds of struggling it’s lights out. He flicks open a switchblade and shreds her blouse, groping and squeezing her massive breasts before scooping her into his arms and carrying her off…
Soon Ella finds herself in an interrogation room, stripped, stuffed into a straitjacket and bound to a bed. She struggles and rages but can’t get free. Her interrogator returns but she isn’t going to cooperate, so he ties her spread-eagle and butt naked, turning the heat up to sweat the fight out of her. Later he comes back to put her hands in thick mittens so she can’t pick at her bindings. Ella squirms like mad, shaking her amazing breasts back and forth, but can’t escape.
Finally her captor decides stronger measures must be taken and he encourages her to take a little nap so he can transport her away. He holds a chloroform rag over her face until she passes out, then with one final grope of those amazing natural breasts, leaves her there to prepare for more brutal interrogation methods…

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