Tia Cyrus & Nikki Delano in “Initiation”

What a perfect pair. Feisty brunette Tia Cyrus in a black dress, her sexbomb sister Nikki Delano in a matching white dress, it’s a Villain’s fantasy! They want to join my evil operations but need to pass a test of loyalty first. Each sister must hold the other still while I spank and whip her ass. They both pass with flying colors (mostly hot pink) and we move on to test their skills in a more intimate setting. The girls take turns worshipping my cock, then move in to share like the true close sisters they are. Nikki absolutely goes to TOWN on my balls while Tia slurps my shaft with wild abandon. I confess it was a hard choice who’s mouth to cum into, they were both so eager. Henchmen like this are a welcome addition to any good Villain’s team!

Tia Cyrus Nikki Delano