Jessica Jaymes Busted

Jessica Jaymes plays the stuck-up DA, determined to break up Tim’s slave ring. Tim catches her, sticking a gun in her face and forcing her to strip for him. Then it’s time to train her with a hard fucking and forced blowjob, leaving his cum on her lips as she gasps and cries…

Jessica endures days & days of whippings, blindfolds, ring-gags, nipple clamps, croppings, forced anal, forced oral, and more until she’s completely broken in, willing to do whatever her new Master wants…

It’s time to auction off Jessica Jaymes to her new Master. She must face the camera and make a good audition, showing how well she can take a beating, a fucking, and how good she is at sucking cock afterwards. Don’t you wish they sold girls like this on Ebay?


175 PHOTOS! – $8.70


Jessica Jaymes Clip 01

Jessica Jaymes 02

Jessica Jaymes Clip 03

Jessica Jaymes Clip 04

2 comments on Jessica Jaymes Busted

  1. I purchased all four videos and while I did enjoy them I didn’t see anything that was advertised in clip 4. Clip 3 seemed to be an extension of clip 2. One of the pictures shows the Jessica Jaymes being fucked on a chair and that wasn’t in the clip nor anywhere is she completely nude as shown in the picture advertising clip 4. This being so, I don’t feel that I got all that I purchased but what I did get was enjoyable.

  2. Dear Matt, I see the problem. It is a coding error on my website which only links to 4 of 8 videos, and does not accurately reflect the contents. I apologize for the confusion. If you email me privately at tim @ I will send you the other four videos free of charge so you have the complete collection. Thank you for commenting.


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