Karlee Grey Wants to Play

Part 1 of 3 – Adorable Karlee kneels patiently in Present Position, completely naked, hands palm-up on her knees. Master doesn’t keep her waiting long (come on, you wouldn’t either!). She keeps her perfect posture while Master wraps the ropes around her naked body. Master slowly and meticulously ties her wrists behind her back, then binds her breasts in a harness. Next he leans her back so he can frogtie her gorgeous thighs to her ankles. Finally he sits her back up and she obediently opens her mouth for a ballgag. He cinches it tight and asks if she’ll be a good girl and wait patiently for him to return. Mumbles “Yes Master” through her gag, but what do you think will happen?

Part 2 of 3 – Karlee is bound in a tight frogtie, hands behind her back, ankles tucked up under her thighs, breasts bound in a harness, ballgag in her pretty mouth, waiting for Master to return. She tries to be good, but she loves being in bondage so much she can’t help but start to wriggle and squirm. She looks right into the camera, right at YOU and makes such ‘come hither’ bedroom eyes as you won’t believe. Will you come to her and fulfill her desires?

Part 3 of 3 – Master returns to find Karlee Grey still frogtied, still ballgagged, still on his bed. He decides she’s been a good girl and it’s time to reward her. He brings out a Hitachi and teases her with it, stiffening her nipples and playing it up and down her thighs until he finally brings it to her beautiful pussy and begins pleasuring her in earnest. Karlee moans and writhes and finally has a full-body-spasm climax. Master kisses her on the head and lets her lie there moaning in grateful pleasure.

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