Tia Cyrus Damsel Noir

My little tribute to Film Noir stars Tia Cyrus as a Dominatrix who gets abducted and forced to strip at gunpoint, then tied up and forced to suck cock. Her abductor takes her back to his place and slowly methodically trains her to be a perfect Bondage Slave. Tia is tied up over and over, tighter and tighter, forced to wear a ballgag when she’s not being forced to practice sucking a giant dildo. She is thoroughly worked over with a riding crop across her gorgeous ass until she’s broken and meek and will humbly suck her Master’s cock on command.

I filmed this in color but rendered it in black & white, adding some cool jazzy music to heighten the Film Noir feel. If you really want the whole thing in color you can email me and we can work something out. Anyway, Tia Cyrus is amazingly gorgeous no matter how you shoot her and I’m sure you’ll admire her work in my little artsy piece.

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