Kat Dior, Perfect Little Pet

My perfect little pet Kat Dior waits in her birdcage. She sways and writhes slowly in her confinement, wearing only a satin slip, wrist and ankles bound. She so clearly wants to come out and play, her bound hands pulling and lifting at the hem of her skirt revealing that amazing round ass of hers so fetchingly…
Finally her waiting is over and I come to her, caressing her cheek through the bars before letting her out. I fondle and pet her luscious body then pull down the straps of her slip so I can get at those breasts. She moans and leans into me as I pull and tease at her. Next I untie her wrists so she can grip the arm of my throne, bent over to reveal her ass for my firm hand. I spank, gently at first then harder. Then I flog her with a heavy whip before turning her around. You can see the look of sheer bliss on her face as the leather falls with a hard thud on her bare breasts over and over…

Part 2: I decide my perfect little pet has done a good job taking her whipping. It’s time for her reward. I pull her into my lap, ordering her to put her hands behind her head. She obeys like a good little toy and I bring the humming Hitachi up to her quivering already-wet pussy. Kat moans and rolls her hips forward, her cries get louder and louder until she screams that she’s going to cum. Her whole body shakes as she tries to keep control but the orgasm takes her and she can do nothing but ride it out. Next it’s time for MY reward. Kat slips to her knees before her Master and greedily reaches for my cock. She worships, licks, sucks, relishes in her task, pausing only long enough to slap her own face and lips with my hardness before diving back in, eventually swallowing my entire load then showing me her clean tongue and empty mouth after she slurps it all down. DAMN what a perfect little pet!

Kat Dior Clip 01

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Kat Dior Clip 03


Kat Dior Clip 03