Olive Glass in Vampire’s Kiss

Olive Glass in Vampires Kiss

Running time 11:49 price $12.00

Olive thinks she’s having a great first date with a handsome stranger. He’s charming, but why is his skin so cold? She tries to warm him up with some passionate kissing, and is only mildly surprised by his kinky obsession with her neck… until he sinks his fangs in deep. Poor Olive didn’t stand a chance, and soon her throat and breast are covered with blood and she’s only barely alive. The vampire offers her a choice: quick clean death or immortal life. All she has to do is drink from him. Olive begs for life, and soon her lips are sliding up and down his cock, which is now burning hot with her life’s blood. She drinks what he gives her, swallowing all of his blood red cum, and awakens to find her own fangs have grown in. She’s so aroused she pleasures herself while her own blood cools on her undead breast.
NOTE: This video not available on C4S because apparently they think vampires are real and there’s no such thing as fake blood, or WHATEVER THE FUCK Visa’s reasoning is. You can buy it on nicheclips.com, or email me for private sale. -Tim