Wonder Women Captured!

wonder women captured

Running time 62:12 price $62.00

From a Custom Video: Stunning Bella Rolland returns as the iconic Amazon princess, this time accompanied by Diana Grace as fiery feisty Wonder Girl. They do battle with the evil General Warkiller. The two Amazons easily overpower him, but you know, age and treachery always defeat youth and skill. Soon they’re trapped, fondled, mocked, groped, and then one by one chloroformed. What horrible torments await our poor Amazon sisters? Will they submit to his will and become his broken submissive sex slaves? (spoiler alert, they totally do!) Watch and see!
NOTE: This video not available in its entirety on C4S because of multiple chloroform scenes. You can get the edited version there, or the entire version on NicheClips, or email me for private sale. -Tim