Alessandra Noir Cheerleader Punished

4 part series from a Custom Video: Part 1 of 4 – Alessandra Noir can’t make cheerleader practice, she is in the principal’s office. She was caught with a forged final paper and has to face her punishment. Principal Woodman explains that she can be kicked out of school right now, and not graduate, and miss out on her scholarship, or they can come to an… arrangement. Poor Alessandra has no choice, so she sits on his lap and slowly strips. She is disgusted but can only squirm and take it as he paws her, fondling then licking her lovely breasts while she sits there helplessly in his lap. He starts to kiss her, then instructs her to fondle her own clit through her panties. Finally he takes over, and to her shame and chagrin he makes her cum right there. She shudders and gasps but cannot stop the climax from taking her, and her punishment is only beginning…

Part 2 of 4 – Alessandra’s punishment continues. Principal Woodman pulls her down over his lap and strips her soaked panties off. He fingers her naked vulnerable pussy and ass for a while. She begs him to stop, but after a few smacks across her ass he starts rubbing her clit again, and doesn’t stop until she cums hard on his fingers. How much more will poor Alessandra have to endure to make the grade?

Part 3 of 4 – Principal Woodman pushes Alessandra onto her back and slides over her. He holds her face in his hands and force-kisses her, enjoying her young sweet mouth and face as she wriggles under him. Next he pushes his finger into her mouth and commands her to suck it. Alessandra is disgusted but she knows she needs to graduate, so she dutifully sucks and licks his finger. Finally he positions himself over her, and makes her say what’s going to happen next. She moans “You’re going to fuck me” and he does, deep and slow, taking his pleasure in her tight cheerleader pussy. He makes her finger her clit as he fucks her until she cums hard, gripping his cock tight.

Part 4 of 4 – Poor Alessandra is exhausted from all the forced orgasms, but Principal Woodman wants more from her. He places her on her side on the sofa and enters her again, taking every ounce of pleasure from her whimpering trembling body. Finally he is ready to cum, and she protests she is not on the pill but he just says she’ll have to convince her boyfriend it’s his if anything happens. He laughs and shoots his load inside her, then drags her to her knees and makes her lick his cock clean. He rubs himself all over her face and lips until he’s hard again and makes her suck him off until he cums again, spraying his load all over her face and tits. Finally he makes her lie down with him on the sofa one more time and fingers her clit until she climaxes one last time. Alessandra just lays there, used up and spent, as Principal Woodman whispers “NOW you’re done”.

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