Rahyndee James Abducted

Just a bit of classic Villainy: Gorgeous (I mean really and truly fucking GORGEOUS) Rahyndee James sleeps in a lovely blue satin nighty, safe and sound or so she thinks. A masked intruder steals into her bedroom to rob her, but can’t resist her beauty. He trails a gloved hand up her amazing curves then puts it over her mouth as she wakes in terror. His blade makes short work of her satin lingerie, slicing and shredding it to ruins and exposing the sexy naked body beneath. Rahyndee whimpers in fear as he pulls begins to tie her up. She begs him not to gag her but he takes a bit of ripped satin and forces it into her mouth, cleave-gagging her. He fondles her breasts as he whispers threats in her ear then leaves her there to struggle, naked, bound and gagged until he returns…

BONUS BEHIND SCENES CLIP: I left the camera running as I tied up this delightful beauty. Rahyndee James is sweet and fun loving and incredibly sexy and easy to work with. Watch her giggle and goof as I wrap my ropes around her luscious curves in preparation for more evildoing…

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Rahyndee James Clip 01

Rahyndee James Clip 01

Rahyndee James Clip 02