Alex Chance Interrogated

From a Custom Video: (part 1) Alex Chance is in serious trouble! Seems she was on a nursing mission to some strange country when she was captured, and now she stands with arms tied overhead, topless, wearing only her scrubs and some rough moleskin tape over her nipples and pussy. Her Captor appears and starts demanding information from her, while yelling at her and groping her body. Alex is indignant and curses at him, but he slowly and cruelly peels the sticky tape from each nipple and then from her pussy. Alex groans in pain but her troubles are just beginning if she won’t tell him what he wants to know…

(part 2) Poor Alex Chance ends up tied spreadeagle and naked, lying in the grass staked between four posts. She writhes and struggles but she can’t get free. Finally her Captor returns and demands answers. Alex just yells right back at him, even when he splashes cold water across her bare breasts. He leaves her there in the hot sun to consider her fate (while you get to watch her wiggle and shake those amazing breasts around!)
(Part 3) Alex Chance is getting weaker and when her Captor returns she can barely summon the strength to protest. He pours oil on her exposed pussy, getting it good and glistening wet. THAT wakes her up and she struggles anew, disgusted and horrified at her treatment. Her Captor leaves her there, naked and shining with oil, struggling in the hot sun…
(Part 4) of 4 – Alex has passed out and lies there vulnerable and defenseless as her Captor returns. He splashes water across her breasts to wake her up. She screams as the water instantly stiffens her nipples. He tries one last time to get her to answer his questions but she still won’t give him any information. So, he has to transport her to his Leader for further torture. He puts chloroform to a rag to prepare her for transport. Alex struggles but can’t escape the chemical, her eyes slowly roll up as the drug knocks her out. Her Captor leaves to prepare the truck as the camera pans up and down her unconscious naked body…

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