Nicki Hunter “Body and Soul”

In co-production with Severe Society comes the next in our “Devil’s Workshop” series! I’m so very proud to get to work with them and produce this intensely badass content. In DW2 “Body and Soul” Nicki Hunter stars as a down on her luck singer who would do anything to get ahead in the business. When she off-handedly says she’d sell her body and soul to the Devil to make it she doesn’t realize he’s listening. Her wish is granted, but at one steep price…

In Clip 1 The Devil appears to offer his contract to Nicki. He dazzles her with images of fame and fortune, and in a moment of weakness and greed she agrees, sucking his cock to seal the deal.

In Clip 2 Nicki revels in her success, stripping in her lavish dressing room to enjoy a glass of champagne, a hot bubble bath, and an intensely sexy masturbation sequence!

In Clip 3 Nicki falls asleep in her bathtub, only to find herself wandering the underworld until she meets the Devil in his Lair. He says it’s time to collect, body AND soul! He ties her down and rips her dress away, then begins whipping and torturing her, forcing her to realize she is coming to love the abuse. The scene ends with Nicki collapsing in the throes of a massive forced orgasm, only to awaken frightened and confused in her lukewarm bathtub again…

In Clip 4 The success is beginning to wear on Nicki, and she collapses exhausted on her bed, only to once again be visited by her old friend. He seduces her all over again, licking and teasing her pussy until she cums. Then she only too eagerly sucks his cock, but the Devil has other plans. He grips her tight, flips her over and starts to fuck her from behind. Nicki tries to resist, but she knows she is truly his and ultimately they cum hard together… and Nicki wakes up with a start again, alone in her twisted tangled sheets…

In Clip 5 Nicki decides she’s had enough. She finds her way to the Devil’s Lair again, and turns the tables, seducing him and giving him the best fuck of her life in hopes of getting out of her contract. But once the Devil has hold of you, body and soul, are you ever truly free?

Body and Soul Clip 01

Body and Soul Clip 02

Body and Soul Clip 03

Body and Soul Clip 04

Body and Soul Clip 05