Play Doctor with Jay Taylor

Doctor Woodman (I know I know, just go with it, okay???) has finished a 16 hour shift but apparently he’s not done. Head Nurse Jay Taylor needs a little attention of her own, namely the Dr.’s skills with her favorite Hitachi Magic Wand. She begs and pleads and fawns over him until he agrees to treat her ‘hysteria’ but first needs to tie her to the table so she doesn’t squirm too much during the procedure. (No amount of rope can keep Jay from squirming, but it’s still fun to tie her down.) Plenty of on-screen rigging, giggly banter, and a little sexy flirtation results in Jay finally tied down. Tim then takes a coffee break and leaves her there to struggle! Finally he does return and give her the attention she so desperately craves, holding the vibrator over her nylons until she has a fantastic bondage orgasm.

Jay Talor Play Doctor