Cassidy Banks Spreadeagled

From a Custom Video: (I get to work with some GORGEOUS women thanks to my custom video customers, and Cassidy is STUNNING!) Cassidy is brought to my clinic because of her erratic violent behavior. She’s so out of control that she had to be put in a straitjacket. She is still mouthing off to me as I explain that we’re short-staffed and she’ll have to be restrained until we can get to her. Soon poor Cassidy is bound with medical restraints, spread-eagled to a bed. She is totally naked except for some moleskin tape that had been applied to her nipples and pussy so the straitjacket wouldn’t chafe. She squirms and struggles but can’t get free.

I finally get a chance to check on her and she demands to be released, but I’m only there to lubricate her pussy with baby oil and peel the tape from her poor sore sensitive nipples and shaved pussy. Needless to say she does NOT appreciate it. I keep leaving her there, hoping she’ll calm down, but to no avail. I force some cool water into her mouth, but she’s still too out-of-control. Finally I have no choice but to enforce some quiet time with a bottle of chloroform and a rag over her face. Maybe NOW I can get some peace and quiet! Or maybe you’ll come in there and keep her company while she lies unconscious and helpless…

Cassidy Banks 01

Cassidy Banks 02

Cassidy Banks 03