Cherie DeVille in “Coffeeshop Encounter”

Cherie DeVille Coffee Shop Encounter

Running time 14:24 price $15.00
Cherie is closing up the coffeeshop all by herself, or so she thinks. One last customer was in the restroom, and when he comes out he wants to negotiate for one last sip of something sweet. Cherie tries to be nice, then tries to call her manager, but he grabs her phone and stomps it. Terrified, Cherie slowly gives in to her body’s reaction while the stranger pulls her dress down and gropes her tits. He pins her against the counter and licks her pussy, and although she protests, in mere moments he forces her to climax. Then he shoves her to her knees and forces his cock into her mouth. Finally he bends her over and rapes her from behind, finishing inside her while she gasps in wide-eyed horror.

NOTE: this content also available on Cherie’s platforms. If you prefer, you can buy from her. If you already did, do NOT buy this clip it’s the same one. -Tim