Diana Grace in “Stripper Drugged and Raped”

Diana Grace Drugged and Raped

Running time 19:01 price $19.00

Tim mixes up a special cocktail before his entertainment arrives. When Diana Grace shows up in only sexy lingerie and a satin robe he is ready. She shows off her amazing body for him while he tosses hundred dollar bills on the table. When he invites her to sit next to him she hesitates, but a few more $$ loosens her up. Once she has a sip of Tims special cocktail the entertainment REALLY begins. She nods off in moments and Tim strips her and gropes her perky tits. Then he shoves his cock in her mouth, pumping past those luscious lips. Diana is out like a light and lays limp while he tugs her panties away and rapes her. First on her back, then flipping her over the side of the sofa, finally cumming deep inside her tight fine pussy. Now THATs entertainment!

NOTE: this clip not available on C4S because drugs and knockout and rape. You can find it on NicheClips.com or email me for private sale. -Tim