“Double Teaming” featuring Abbey Rain & Tia Cyrus

From a Custom Video: Innocent Real estate agent Abbey Rain is showing Tia Cyrus and Tim Woodman a lovely home. It’s quiet, remote, hardwood floors perfect for cleaning off, they decide to test it out. Tim Grabs Abbey, Tia jabs a needle in her neck! Abbey goes into convulsions as the drug takes her. Her body spasms and she groans as they begin to grope her. Finally she’s out like a light and they rip her blouse open. They each take a breast into their mouths and enjoy. (trust me Abbey’s breasts are AMAZING!) Tia feasts on Abbey’s defenseless pussy while Tim shoves his cock into her mouth. Tim jokes to Tia “Real Estate agents give the best blowjobs! …they just don’t know it.” Eventually Tia gets impatient and Tim carries their limp unconscious victim into the bedroom…

Soon Tim has carried Abbey Rain’s unconscious body into the bedroom. There he and Tia Cyrus strip her of her clothes and start to ravage her. They lick, suck, fuck and rape everything she has while they urge each other on like the evil loving couple they are. Finally Tim flips Abbey over and shoots a huge load all over her ass and back. Just as they are getting dressed Abbey starts to moan and regain consciousness, but with another quick jab of a needle she’s drugged senseless again. Looks like Tia and Tim have a toy they can take home and keep!

Because of the drugging and unconsciousness, this video is available exclusively through NicheClips – if you don’t have an account there you can email me directly to arrange a private purchase.

Abbey Rain Tia Cyrus Clip 01

Abbey Rain Tia Cyrus Clip 02