Nadia White Suspended & Singletailed

Nadia white wanders innocently along, collecting virtual critters on some phone app or other. Little does she know she’s been led into a trap by a cruel slave trader. He soaks a rag in chloroform and jumps her. Nadia tries to put up a struggle but in mere seconds she is out cold and being carried away…
Nadia awakens naked, tied up, and hanging like meat on a hook in a warehouse. She struggles and wriggles but can’t break free. Soon her captor arrives and begins to break her. First he shoves a ballgag in her mouth, then clamps little bells to her nipples. He taunts her and laughs at her cries as he starts to beat her with a riding crop, on her back, ass, tits, even her face. Nadia resists his torture as best she can, so he gets a single-tail whip and starts to lay into her. How much torture can poor Nadia take before she breaks and accepts her new lot in life as a sex slave, sold to the highest bidder?

Nadia White Suspended Singletail