Faye Reagan’s Nightmare

If you’re gonna hire Faye Reagan you’d better go all out and make it MEMORABLE! So I got a full Freddy Kruger costume. Watch Faye sleeping fitfully on a bed, then go into her nightmare where the Monster catches her, ties her up and rapes her while those CLAWS caress her milky white flesh. Back in her bed, the same Monster appears and rapes her in her sleep. It’s like two rape stories for the price of one!

60 PHOTOS! – $3.00


Faye Reagan's Nightmare

5 comments on Faye Reagan’s Nightmare

  1. Hello. I’m trying to get the video clip for this amazing set. Are you planning on selling this on clips4sale or kinkbomb? Looking forward to hear your response. This is a beautiful set. I love how Faye Reagan got attacked while wearing a silky soft satin slip. Simply amazing..

  2. Hi Neal, The video from this set is available on Nicheclips.com – sadly nobody else would approve it because of the sleepy-sex content. If you are unable to use nicheclips you can contact me directly by email (tim @ provillain.com) and I’ll find another way to get the video to you. Thanks for writing!


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