Janira Wolfe & Cupcake SinClaire Double Bound

(Cupcake and Janira’s very first day filming together, you’re welcome!)
Why is it that every all-girl sleepover seems to include at least two cute girls in satin slips sneaking through a supposedly ‘haunted’ building on a dare? In this case it’s Janira and Cupcake snooping around. Tim grabs Janira from behind and puts a wire around her neck. Poor Cupcake has no choice but to obey as the villain orders Janira to soak a rag with chemicals and put it to Cupcake’s face. She passes out and then Tim chokes Janira until they lie side by side unconscious and helpless. In just a few moments Tim has them tied together and gagged tight. He slashes their nightgowns to ribbons and fondles them both before taking photos to upload to his personal Slaves4Sale page. Soon enough these two will be shipped off to start their new lives as sex slaves. How much would YOU bid?

Janira Wolfe Cupcake Sinclair double bound