Odette Delacroix 2 Ways

This is like a choose your own adventure: Does she love it or hate it? Option 1: Odette meets her Master for a sensual consensual playdate. He ties her up in a standing spreadeagle, then lovingly caresses her body with a heavy flogger. Odette moans in pleasure with every hard blow as the whip lands on her. Then he adds a Hitachi, tied tight against her pussy. Odette has climax after climax under whips and vibrators. Finally he drips a hot tapered candle all over her as she writhes in pleasure. He peels layers of cool wax (looking like the biggest bukkake explosion you ever SAW) from her body as they laugh and flirt in the afterglow.

Option 2: Odette is grabbed and chloroformed by a stranger! She squeaks in alarm but the drug takes her quickly and she passes out. She awakens in a standing spreadeagle, ballgagged and naked. She can only whimper and cry as the cruel abductor beats her mercilessly with a heavy flogger. He adds to her humiliation, tying a hitachi tight against her pussy and makes her suffer forced orgasms over and over as he continues to beat her. Finally poor Odette is tied spreadeagle on the floor, screaming into her ballgag as the evil man pours cup after cup of scalding hot wax all over her helpless naked body.
So, what’s it gonna be? Or maybe you want to see BOTH!

Odette Delacroix Loves It

Odette Delacroix Hates It